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14 Diana Road, Birches Head, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 6RS

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"I am a new patient. After researching all reviews, I telephoned (Friday) Diana Dental for an emergency appointment and got their answer service (a real person).
This morning just after 9 am (Monday) had a call to say that they had a cancellation the same day and so I gratefully accepted and attended. I had the checkup and x-rays done by Zoe who is simply the best. She is qualified too to do all procedures she observed that I have had in the past. Not all dentists are and I was impressed. I explained that I personally don’t put a value on having teeth done as it’s not like having your hair messed up, or anything, because you can’t grow out any mistakes. You have to live with your teeth every day and night for as long as possible and I need comfort (pain free) and health above all.
I am so grateful that I was then also provided with an appointment by Zoe for the treatment to be done tomorrow (Tuesday) for resolving not only my broken back tooth but also kindly sorting out my front tooth at the same time (that was broken months ago by the hospital anaesthetist and have been too ill to get it done yet). Luckily the emergency work to be done is straightforward and all was not as bad as I had feared.
Zoe actually listens and empathises. When I explained my other 2 medical concerns from hospital visits and inpatient stays; Zoe actually understood perfectly, even better than my GP and more knowledgeable than the paramedics were regarding spinal cords. She also arranged for a ground floor treatment room.
If you have concerns about going to the dentist because of mobility issues or age - this is the dentist worth driving to. Zoe actually understands and takes all into account.
You sit in the car and the kind girls wave from the door for you to come in and inside then press the gel on your hand too. All very organised and kind.
Forms about your health are email and appointments texted and emailed to add into your diary automatically. All is very efficient and immediate.
I am so relieved to have, at last, found a good dentist again, and can now relax for the entire future of my teeth - and beyond - as Zoe is thankfully experienced but too young to retire yet.
Many thanks."
Gloria J, 6th July 2021


Your smile is more effective than the spoken word. In an instant it conveys confidence and invites others to smile back. An attractive smile brightens your whole face, makes you feel better about yourself and can take years off your appearance.
Diana Dental has been at the heart of the Stoke on Trent community for many years since being founded in Birches Head in 1986. Diana Dental is a centre of excellence in the Potteries for a wide range of affordable, modern dental treatments and facial aesthetics. Our patients are treated with honesty and integrity, in complete confidence and with the utmost discretion.
Our Hanley and Cellarhead dental practices use the most current techniques and materials to bring you the best preventative, cosmetic and practical dental solutions that modern dentistry has to offer.
We are delighted to serve patients in Stoke On Trent, Endon, Leek, Bagnall and the surrounding areas and look forward to welcoming you to our warm and genuinely-friendly dental practice

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