Newport Pagnell Dental

127a High Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 8SE

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"Always put at ease by Dr Davison and receptionist was helpful and cheerful."
Ms Patricia Wilson, 21st March 2018


At Newport Pagnell Dental Clinic, we firmly believe that the needs of our patients come before anything else and since opening the practice in 1994, we have done our best to make it a friendly and caring place where our patients can feel relaxed and know that they are getting the best possible dental care.We employ a strict cross-infection control policy, which protects both patients and staff. Disposable equipment is used wherever possible, and sterilisation procedures are rigorously adhered to and monitored continuously, making the dental environment truly safe. All our staff regularly attends training courses to ensure that our sterilisation policies are kept right up-to-date.Our principal dentist Dr. Pauline Desmond states“that one of the most important aspects of patient care is to take time to get to know the patient and understand their needs”. You will be assured of a warm welcome when you visit our practice.

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